I want to create things
that change the world.


Self-driven Software Developer with a passion for eye-catching UI design, teamwork, and entrepreneurship.

I’ve always sought out opportunities and challenges, no matter the difficulty. Although my professional path has taken many twists and turns — from Physics tutor at a community college, to Chemical Engineering intern at a small company, to Summa Cum Laude graduate at the University of Florida, to iOS & Android freelancer — I've never stopped quenching my curiosity to try new things.

As a Software Developer, I enjoy using my obsessive attention to detail, my love for creating things, and my unequivocal work ethic to change the world - one line of code at a time.


React Native Mobile Developer

Built an iOS & Android application, which allows employees of Parametric Solutions to manage their work charges (Clients, Tasks, Dates, Hours Worked, etc).

Develop Core Product
  • Design, prototype, and work with manager to roadmap features and timeline
  • Sole Developer on this project
  • Build new features, both via product roadmap and self-designed
  • Manage feature sprint life cycle
    • process product requirements
    • assess current functionality
    • estimate total work time and completion dates
    • break down feature into smaller deliverables
    • utilize Expo to display app to management weekly
    • continuously measure and document progress
    • analyze sprint execution retrospectively
  • React Native / JavaScript / JSX / Node / Yarn / NPM / REST / Expo / MobX / NativeBase / Atom / GitHub / Sketch / InVision / Photoshop
  • Designed app using InVision, then prototyped a mockup in Sketch
  • Developed a mobile application that gives employees access to functionalities they only previously had at work, significantly simplifying employee workflow
  • Created clever React Native components (such as tables with rows that change color depending on database update status)
  • Learned about creating components, using REST calls, authentication, HTTP headers, Native iOS and Android modules, cross-platform features, styling rules with FlexBox, Node, Yarn, NPM, component "state", MobX, React Navigation, Expo, Promises, Async and Await commands, JavaScript libraries (such as Lodash, Moment, etc) and so much more.
  • Github - more than 3,400 lines added to repository
February 2017 - November 2017 | Remote
IT Consultant

Non-profit organization dedicated to perfecting and personalizing bionics, and implementing solutions for disabilities for free or at greatly reduced costs.

Develop Company
  • Brainstormed ideas within a group of diverse engineers
  • Aspire to make an impact on those less fortunate by giving back to the community
React Team Leader
  • Assembled a team to redesign and recode website in React & develop both iOS/Android apps in React Native
  • Instructed team members to complete React course on Udemy
  • Currently waiting for team to finish the course
  • React / React Native / JavaScript / JSX / Node / Yarn / NPM / Expo / NativeBase / Atom / GitHub
  • Co-founded company with one of my closest friends, Juan Casas
  • Delegated tasks such as:
    1) Design of the logo
    2) Design of the website
    3) Creation of the website
March 2017 - Present | Remote
Founder & CEO

Small mobile and web development studio for businesses, non-profits, and individuals

Develop Company
  • Bought domain name through NameCheap.com
  • Hosted landing page at CrocWeb.com and signed up for reseller account (so I could take on clients and host them myself)
  • Designed logo, made business cards, and cold-called from yellow pages to acquire customers
  • JavaScript / HTML5 / Bootstrap / MaterializeCSS / PHP / cPanel / Photoshop
  • Designed and developed website using Bootstrap and MaterializeCSS frameworks
  • Acquired customers, such as SafeBriight and Parametric Solutions
  • Generated over $20k in revenue within first year of business (part-time only), without marketing or promotion
December 2016 - September 2017 | Remote


AngularJS Mobile Developer

Helped develop a work portal (dashboard) which showed employee info and an overall view of tasks, services, processes, and claims.

Develop Core Product
  • Resolved defects on IBM Responsive Portal
  • Created custom directives specific to DOM manipulation, adding logic within controllers to communicate feedback to the user, and modifying angular services to retrieve variables used within the templates
Improve Code Operations
  • Met in daily scrum meetings where we discussed user stories and defects to ensure our objectives would be achieved by the end of each sprint
  • Manually test new code and provide critical feedback to developers during meetings
  • AngularJS / Cordova / JavaScript / Sublime / GitHub
  • Instructed peers how AngularJS and Cordova worked, since I was the only intern with previous Angular experience going into the project.
  • Performed code reviews of peers submitted for my approval before being released into current software builds
June 2015 - August 2015 | Remote
Java Software Engineer

Designed and built an internal web app for the F-35 Lightning II Engineering Team

Develop Core Product
  • Developed on JBoss using Java Servlets and JavaServer Pages
  • Created functional use cases for the F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter's Autonomic Logistics Information System (ALIS) using Enterprise Architect
Innovation Jam
  • Designed embedded systems utilizing Raspberry Pi, python, and circuits within a team of four to solve design challenges proposed by Lockheed Martin’s Research and Development team
  • Java / Java Servlets / Java Server Pages / JBoss Application Server / Windows Server 2012 / MySQL / Apache / Rasberry Pi / Python
June 2014 - August 2014 | Orlando, Florida
Laboratory Chemist

General Laboratory Chemist and Engineering Intern

Develop Core Product
  • Synthesized coatings that completely seal in asbestos surfaces, encapsulating hazardous materials
  • Spearheaded research and reformulation team on project to increase slip resistance in all floor coatings
  • Maintained stock supply levels and communicated directly with chemical distributors to optimize purchases and explore cost saving alternatives
  • Identified and corrected several situations in which pH fluctuation was affecting product shelf life, saving the company upwards of thousands of dollars per year
  • Researched surface bubbling production anomaly with The Renewable Corporation’s flagship coating product and submitted a comprehensive reformulation proposal that eliminated all inconsistencies
August 2012 - August 2013 | Lakepark, Florida
Private Tutor

Led private chemistry, calculus, and physics tutoring sessions

  • Worked diligently with students to increase their comprehension of complex concepts
  • Most tutees reported an increase of at least one letter grade
March 2012 - December 2012 | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida
Sales Associate

Sales associate for the men's shoe department of Nordstrom

  • Performed market research to obtain knowledge of competing companies and to implement sales strategies
  • Consistently ranked among top sales representatives in region
  • Winner of over six performance contests for highest overall net sales and highest ranking in customer satisfaction
March 2008 - January 2011 | Palm Beach Gardens, Florida


PSI Employee Timesheet

An iOS/Android app that allows users of Parametric Solutions to configure their hours, charges, time tracker, and more.

  • Utilized React Native’s “Fetch” function to make REST calls to Parametric Solution’s database
  • Used React Navigation, React’s newest navigation library, to nest app’s navigators
  • Employed MobX to persist state across all views
React-Native Test

Written to compare the performance to its identical Swift counterpart.

  • For my Summma Cum Laude thesis, I published a research paper comparing React-Native to Swift.
  • Has Facebook Login (with user Photo, Name, and email), To-Do-List, Page View, and Geolocation
Swift Test

Written to compare the performance to its identical React-Native counterpart.

  • For my Summma Cum Laude thesis, I published a research paper comparing React-Native to Swift.
  • Has Facebook Login (with user Photo, Name, and email), To-Do-List using NSUserDefaults, Page View, and Geolocation
Wikipedia Viewer

A web App that uses Wikipedia's API to search and retrieve articles

  • Utilizes Wikipedia's API to retrieve and display results
  • Display's a preview of each article, and links you to the correspinding Wikipedia page upon clicking the preview
  • Employs jQuery and AJAX
Random Quote Machine

A web App that uses quotesondesign.com's API to show a random quote, and Twitter's API to tweet that quote

  • Displays a button that, when pressed, retrieves and shows a random quote (using quotesondesign.com's API)
  • Uses Twitter's API to tweet the quote when the corresponding button is clicked
  • Employs jQuery and AJAX
Local Weather App

A web App that uses browser geolocation and FCC weather API to show weather in local city.

  • Utilizes HTML5 Geolocation to get user's location
  • Uses FCC weather API to show city, weather condition, and wind direction/speed
  • Allows user to toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit by clicking a button
React YouTube Clone

This single page web app built with React allows you to search and play videos using YouTube's API

  • Used React to build the components for this app
  • Lodash's debounce function was used to limit the refresh to 300 ms as you type your query into the search bar
  • Bootstrap was used for for styling the components
Online Gainesville

Small mobile and web development studio for businesses, non-profits, and individuals.

  • Aqcuired customers, such as SafeBriight and Parametric Solutions
  • Generated over $20k in revenue within first year of business (part-time only), without marketing or promotion

Created the company website for SafeBriight, the Smart Street Light

  • Used MaterializeCSS & JavaScript to create a responsive, mobile first website
  • Utilized Photoshop to touch up background and shape images to design contraints
  • Coded contact form using PHP & JavaScript
Shell in C

Recreation of terminal's shell which was coded using lex and yacc in C.

  • Made to imitate many of Unix/Mac's terminal functionality
  • Written in C using Lex & Yacc
No Satellite GPS

Mobile application for interpreting spatial SQL maps (can't login since Parse closed).

  • Used Ionic & Cordova to create a cross platform application
  • Peer used AutoCAD to map out my Computer Science Department, while I programmed a way to interpret the results
  • Integrated SpatiaLite JavaScript library into the app to assist with 3D map (GIS) interpretation

Find or host local video game tournaments (can't login since Facebook closed Parse.com).

  • Used Ionic & Cordova to create a cross platform application
  • Wrote directives in Angular to serve data
  • Developed CSS & JS responsive menu
  • Created member list via Parse API
The Beats Captain

Database project written in PHP and HTML with an Oracle DB backend.

  • Found music data from the last 100 years
  • Stored 110,001 tuples of music at random from the data on an Oracle DB backend
  • Constructed a frontend using jQuery & Bootstrap
  • Used PHP to query the database & for input validation














Awards & Affiliations

Summa Cum Laude

University of Florida | 2016

  • Academically outstanding students who graduate with a Grade Point Average of at least 3.8 and complete an approved research project are granted with highest honors.

Toastmasters Member

University of Florida Chapter | 2015

  • Toastmasters is a nonprofit educational organization that helps its members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills.

Martin Luther King Jr. Leadership Award

Palm Beach State College | 2013

  • Presented to the student who has made the most innovative contribution toward improving the lives of others in Palm Beach County.

Vice President

Student Government (PBSC) | 2012 - 2013

  • Preside over all SGA senate meetings.
  • Make all committee assignments.
  • Assume duties of the SGA President in his/her absence.
  • Shall be responsible for other SGA duties that the President deem necessary.

Outstanding Senator Award

Student Government (PBSC) | 2012

  • Given to those senators who go above and beyond what is required of them (given to me when I was a Senator, before becoming Vice President)

NASA Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program

Student Government (PBSC) | 2012

  • Worked within a small team of engineering students to put together a proposal for NASA's Reduced Gravity Education Flight Program.


University of Florida

Gainesville, FL | 2013 - 2016

  • B.S. in Computer Science Engineering
  • Summa Cum Laude
  • 3.9 GPA

Palm Beach State College

Palm Beach Gardens, FL | 2010 - 2013

  • Associates Degree
  • 4.0 GPA